St. Louis Grammar School, Mokola, Ibadan

The founding Principal, Sr Dympna Drury from Ireland was missioned in the later part of 1960 to found a secondary school for Girls.
The foundation date of St Louis Grammar School, Mokola Ibadan was February 11th, 1961 with only 33 students and 3 teachers:

i. Sister Dympna Drury
ii. Sister Marie Jeanne
iii. Sister Mary Murray.

She was the Principal of the school from February 1961 to June 1982. She was a dedicated, firm but compassionate person, always seeking the well being and holistic development of the students entrusted to her care. She was an outstanding example to staff, parents and children.

The objectives of founding the school were as follows:
1. To give solid all round sound education to girls, thereby preparing them spiritually, academically and morally to take their place in the society as leaders
2. To train girls to acquire problem solving skills with which to cope with the challenges of the larger society.
3. To bring girls from various social, ethnic and religious backgrounds together.
4. To encourage the pursuits of high academic standards and strict moral discipline among girls.
5. To broaden students’ understanding of many qualities within their own culture.

  • The first indigenous Principel, Mrs Rita A. Akinlade (Sept 1982- Dec 1986)
  • Mrs T.N NKposong (Jan 1987 – Mar 1994)
  • Chief Mrs M. C. King (April 1994- August 2001)
  • Mrs C.O. Okojie (September 2001- July 2007)
  • Mrs Okafor Patricia E. (April 2007- August 2014)
  • Mrs Ibitoye Margaret A. (September 2014 – September 2016)
  • Mrs Ladipo Rebecca O. (September 2016 – April 2018)
  • Mrs Oloyede Ibironke Mabel (April 2018 – May 2022)
  • Dr (Mrs) Oyeyemi Abosede Shadare (May 2022 – Till date)

St Louis as an institution for girl-child education has opened the door for so many women to be fulfilled as lawyers, doctors, administrators, engineers, teachers and other outstanding professions. The impact of St Louis Grammar School Mokola, Ibadan cannot be quantified both now and for all eternity. The school was divided into the Senior School and the Junior School.


Oh! St louis Ibadan
A school of learning and of happiness
School of good old traditions
In study in play, in disciplines
We are first.

1) Sister Dympna Drury
Our founding mother
Who relentlessly worked
To prepare us for the society.

2) School of deligent teachers
Of loyal students
By their combined efforts
Create no room for delinquents.

3) An Ibadan loui’ sian
Is worthy of emulation
Transmit her traditions
From a generation to another.

4)At all times, every where,
What’ er position I attain
I’ ll keep your flag flying
Always uphold your good name