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1979-1984 Set Donation of 65 Combined Locker and Chair Set on October 18, 2019

In a heartwarming reunion, the St. Louis Ibadan Old Girls from the 1979-1984 set came together on October 18, 2019, to give back to their alma mater. The air was filled with nostalgia as they unveiled a donation of 65 combined locker and chair sets. These timeless pieces promised to bring comfort and convenience to the current students, creating a bridge between the past and the present. The act not only showcased the strong bond among the Old Girls but also reaffirmed the enduring legacy of St. Louis School.

Snr Rosalind Banjo In Commemoration of her 60th Birthday

As Sr. Rosalind Banjo reached a milestone 60 years of life, she chose a unique way to celebrate her journey of wisdom and learning. In a touching gesture, she gave back to the institution that had shaped her and countless others by donating a collection of books to the school library. These pages of knowledge and insight mirrored the chapters of her own life, becoming a timeless gift that would inspire generations to come.

Before and After of Sr Dympna Drury Media Centre, Donated by 1973 Set

The images spoke volumes. The Sr. Dympna Drury Media Centre, a dream realized by the 1973 Set’s donation, underwent a before-and-after evolution that was nothing short of astonishing. What had been a conventional space was now a modern haven for media exploration and creativity. The legacy of the 1973 Set’s contribution was evident in every upgraded feature, emphasizing the enduring impact of their collective initiative.

Class of 1984 Give Back to the School
Class of 1973-1978 gives back to the school
Before and After of the Home Economics lab renovated by 1994 Set

The evolution was astounding. The Home Economics Lab, meticulously renovated by the 1994 Set, underwent a before-and-after journey that showcased the power of dedication. What was once a modest workspace now stood as a modern haven for culinary and creative exploration. The images depicted more than just physical changes; they told the story of a set’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the educational experience.

Class of 2003 Set renovated a block of six classrooms in the junior School
Metal Doors Donated By Class of 1979-1984 Set
1969-1973 Set Raised The Bar
Class of 1991 Set Renovated the last floor of the Senior school Main building